Admissions: Financial Aid

Several educational loan options are available to eligible students at ITEA. To begin the application process for federal financial aid, a student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at and use ITEA’s school code (G41212). Our Financial Director is happy to speak with prospective students about financing for our Master of Acupuncture in Classical Five-Element Acupuncture program. Please contact Kathy Knaus at

Federal Direct Stafford Loans

The unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan is available to eligible students enrolled at ITEA. Loans of up to $20,500 per year are available from the federal government to cover costs of training.   If students cannot demonstrate need, they may be granted an unsubsidized loan. For this type of loan, the student is responsible for interest from the time the loan is disbursed until the time it is paid in full. The interest rate for Unsubsidized Loans is 6%. The student may choose to pay the interest, or choose to add the amount of Interest to the principal amount of the loan. Repayment of a Stafford Loan begins after the student graduates, with a six month ‘grace period’. During the grace period the principal does not have to be repaid. Interest is charged during the grace period. If a student leaves the program before graduating, repayment of the loan begins immediately.

Federal Graduate PLUS Loans

The Graduate PLUS Loan is not based on need. It does require a credit check to insure the student does not have an adverse credit history. A student must have applied for their annual Stafford loan maximum eligibility before applying for the Graduate PLUS loan. A student may receive up to the cost of attendance in the ITEA program, less other financial aid, in this loan. The current interest rate of 7% begins to accumulate on the date of the first disbursement. Repayment begins when the loan is fully disbursed.

Federal Loans

If a student receiving funds from a federal loan leaves the ITEA program during any payment period, the college will return any federal funds disbursed and not earned by the student to the lender no later than 30 days after the effective date of termination of enrollment. Termination of enrollment is effective on the date of written notice by ITEA or by the student. Leaving the program includes withdrawal, dropping out, dismissal, and leaves of absence. The amount to be returned will be calculated based on the number of didactic days in the payment period and the date of student termination of enrollment. If a student completes more than 60% of the didactic days in the payment period, complete funding for that period is received. Any balance remaining on the student’s account after funds are returned to the lender will be due to ITEA. If a student earned more aid than was disbursed, ITEA will owe the student a post-withdrawal disbursement to be paid within 120 days of the effective date of the student’s termination of enrollment.

Veterans Loans

ITEA is approved by the Colorado Office of Veterans Education and Training for Veterans Education and Benefits.

State Vocational Rehab Programs

ITEA has been approved for Colorado Vocational Rehabilitation Programs.


The study of Classical Five-Element Acupuncture can be challenging, and one can never know it all. There is always more to learn—a greater depth of understanding to be explored. Learning basic theory and technical facts is only a small part of becoming a Classical Five-Element acupuncturist. The sensory understanding of nature as a teacher is the real essence of the work. This learning cannot be explained through words, but must be experienced. Being a Classical Five-Element acupuncturist may be the most compelling thing you’ve ever done.


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