ITEA Program:

Practitioner Track

Accepting Applications for June 2023 Intake

Healthcare practitioners working in a group setting or in private practice with a minimum of a Master’s degree in their current profession can learn this healing discipline to expand their current work.

The format of the Practitioner Track enables students to work in their practice while in the program until they complete graduation requirements.

PT 6 2023-2024 Schedule

Year 1

June 8 9 10 11
July 13 14 15 16
August 10 11 12 13
September 7 8 9 10
October 12 13 14 15
November 9 10 11 12
December 7 8 9 10
January 11 12 13 14
February 8 9 10 11
March 14 15 16 17
April 11 12 13 14
May 9 10 11 12


Classroom Learning:

  • Students attend four-day weekend sessions, once a month, in Louisville, Colorado for 26 months. Most weekend sessions begin on the second Thursday of the month. Note any changes to this schedule italicized above.
  • Assignments are expected to be completed between weekend sessions to deepen student knowledge and to prepare for the next weekend session.
  • For an additional fee, students may attend other ITEA offerings from the Traditional Track.
  • Attendance is taken for the in-person, four-day sessions only.

Clinical Training:

  • After all 26 weekend sessions have been completed, the program is self-paced during the Clinical Supervision internship as students earn a minimum of 510 hours.
  • Remaining supervised hours can be completed in as little as 8 weeks, and they must be completed within 6 years.
  • Supervisors approve graduation when the student embodies qualities of an excellent Classical Five-Element Acupuncturist.
  • Students graduate individually – learning at a pace and client case load that is best for their life.


Months 1-8

Year 1

  • Fundamentals of CF-EA
  • Principles, theory and diagnostic skills
  • Anatomical palpation and point location
  • Sensory discernment

Months 9-19

Year 2

  • Acupuncture points, indication and location
  • Refining diagnostic skills
  • Principles of rapport and relationship with clients
  • History and Philosophy of Chinese medicine with Elisabeth Rochat

Months 20-26

Clinical Internship

  • Supervised treatment of clients for 7 months in the ITEA Clinic
  • Students can continue working in their own professional practices during internship
  • Optional lectures with Elisabeth Rochat

Ongoing Content

  • Clinical training after the initial 7 months at the ITEA Clinic continues onsite or at a remote supervised location, if applicable
  • Students begin preparing for the NCCAOM national board exams
The program at ITEA has been life changing for me. I cannot express in words the elegance and wisdom of this lineage of medicine. It is truly a treasure hidden that few are fortunate enough to dig up. Being a student in this program, as well as receiving treatment in the school clinic have both been major forces of growth in my life. I highly recommend this program and medicine to anyone who feels the call.
Aaron, Class of 2023

Years 1 and 2 – 19 Weekend Intensives

  • Students learn the principles of diagnosis and theory within CF-EA and begin cultivating the sensory discernment needed for diagnosis
  • Students are tested periodically and required to have a satisfactory understanding of prior work in order to advance in the program
  • During this time, Clinical Observation is fulfilled in the ITEA Clinic and through student video projects
  • Renowned Chinese Classics scholar and translator, Elisabeth Rochat, teaches Chinese history and philosophy in Year 2

Clinical Internship – 7 Weekend Intensives

  • Clinical training in the ITEA Student Clinic
  • Students are assessed and given feedback on the treatments they perform in the clinic
  • After this time, students may continue to treat clients in the ITEA Clinic
  • Supervised treatment from an approved CF-EA practitioner at a remote location may be arranged, if applicable, and approved by ITEA

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