ITEA Program:

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Educational Philosophy 

The ITEA educational experience is unique and transformational. 

Based on the spiral approach of traditional Eastern learning, oral tradition concepts and ideas are visited again and again from different viewpoints and from increasingly greater depths. As in Eastern education, our faculty are not merely dispensers of intellectual knowledge, but are guides who help each student uncover the wisdom inherent within nature and within themselves. 

At ITEA, students are trained to diagnose the state of clients by discerning energetic harmony and disharmony. This is done through the subtle and highly refined observational cues of color, sound, odor, and emotional content, as was practiced by the ancient Chinese. 


ITEA offers two comprehensive tracks for students to attain the degree of Master of Acupuncture in Classical Five-Element Acupuncture. Both tracks offer the same level of training and certification.



Traditional Track

  • Enables students from out of state to continue to live at home and attend Intensives in Louisville, Colorado four times a year for the first two years of the program.
  • Students are required to relocate to the Louisville area for the third and fourth years of the program, as their studies will focus on work in the ITEA Clinic.


Practitioner Track

  • Accommodates healthcare practitioners who have a minimum of a Master’s degree in their current healthcare profession, and that have maintained a professional practice or experience in a healthcare-related setting for at least 12 months.
  • Licensed massage therapists do not meet the admissions requirements for this track, however are encouraged to apply for the Traditional Track.
  • PT students attend one 4-day weekend each month and thereafter begin clinical training either in the ITEA Clinic or an approved remote supervised location.

In addition to the CF-EA curriculum, the ITEA program consists of Biomedical courses and hands-on practice management experience. In order to succeed in passing national board exams, students are given a framework to begin studying in their last year of school.  

ITEA Course Information

22-23 Course Credits
Additional Classes and Applicable Fees
2022-2023 Academic Schedules
ITEA can accommodate specific holiday observances as needed.

ITEA is a hidden gem among holistic medicine schools in the US. For several years I had looked at about a dozen schools of Chinese Medicine around the country, but none felt right for me until I found the Classical Five Element Acupuncture taught here at ITEA.
Chris, Class of 2024

with Nature 

The sensory understanding of nature as a teacher is the real essence of the work. This learning cannot be explained through words, but must be experienced.

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