Should Nurses Pursue Acupuncture Training?

Acupuncture programs for nurses are expanding across the country as more medical and healthcare facilities start to integrate acupuncture into patient care.

Can nurse practitioners do acupuncture?

If they have the proper training and licensing, they can. Attending acupuncture schools allows you to expand your extensive knowledge and care for patients in new, exciting ways.

Anyone “on the fence” about attending acupuncture training should consider the following:

Growth in the Demand for Acupuncture

Demand for acupuncture is on the rise, but there is a lack of qualified professionals who can perform this level of care. Fact MR reports that the market outlook for 2024 to 2034 has a 12.3% CAGR globally.

If you want to remain a valuable asset in the nursing industry, you can begin to offer more by becoming an acupuncturist.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also reports that acupuncturists earn:

  • $20 – $67 per hour
  • $41,600 to $140,660 per year

You’re already an asset to the nursing field, but with acupuncture, you can begin helping patients in new, exciting ways.

Insurance Companies are Paying for Acupuncture

Insurance companies have power. If a patient wants to seek alternative treatment and cannot pay for it through insurance, they’ll often skip it. Insurers are encouraging people to seek acupuncture, when recommended by a doctor.

You’ll find that about one-third of insurers do offer acupuncture treatments.

While this figure is not as high as many would hope, it’s much higher than just a decade ago. Insurers are beginning to help people, especially those with lower back pain, seek adequate care with the help of acupuncture.

If this trend continues to rise, the industry will grow and demand for qualified acupuncturists will increase, too.

Nurses who have entered the field report that acupuncture school has opened doors in their careers that were otherwise not available.

Acupuncture School Opens the Door for Career Growth

Acupuncture training opens the door for career growth and the opportunity to better serve your patients. Today, many nurses are incorporating alternative therapies into their practice, including acupuncture, massage therapy, meditation, Reiki and other holistic modalities.

These nurses haven’t changed professions; they simply expanded their skillsets and practices.

More patients are looking to take a holistic approach to their medical care (at least a third of Americans have sought alternative medicine). Attending acupuncture school will allow you to meet their needs and potentially work in a wide range of settings.

A nurse with an acupuncture license may be able to open their own practice, work in a hospital setting or in a physician’s office.

Most importantly, for many nurses, acupuncture training helps them follow their calling to heal and help patients from all walks of life. Acupuncturists help patients with a number of issues that are difficult to treat using traditional Western medicine, such as anxiety, pain and insomnia.

If you’re a nurse who is looking to expand their skillset and provide a higher level of care to patients, acupuncture may be the right path for you. There are many accredited acupuncture programs for nurses that can help you get started on your journey.

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